But I don't want to go home.

My real job takes me wandering a lot of back country roads.  Today my work took me 400 kms round trip from home.  But every day when I get home I grab my dog and head to what I call the pits.  Here in our little town it's where you can get your horses ready to trail ride, or watch a mud bog race, or enjoy a motocross race on the fabulous trail, and it is also home to our local snowmobile club!  There is also a beautifully treed natural pond very suitable for day kayaking and canoeing if you like, and a very safe spot for kids to fish or swim!  I love our pits.  Beyond the pits you can take numerous back roads through new and old mine sites overlooking some beautiful lakes and scenery.  You can take those old bush roads forever!  Seemingly they never end, and quite often you will be treated to wildlife viewing.

This past fall I was at a friend's house that lives further north.  Deeper in the boreal forest than I do.  We were sitting outside their cabin like home having a fire one night talking about growing up where we did.  We lived on the very northern tip of Lake Superior.  The chat was mostly about how when we were kids we had to play outside.  Sometimes we might drag ourselves to get out, but once we were out, coming home was so hard.  We had endless sources of amusement, natural ponds to swim and cliffs to jump in to the water, beaches, trails, and stunning waterfalls.  Bush trails that lead to old cabins or other magnificent treats like secret beach!  We truly lived in the wild.  Even in the winter I remember going out bundled up to go tobogganing which of course in the evening was very dark and cold.  But I was warm.  I remember often laying in the snow mesmerized by the night sky thinking I don't want to go in yet.  I could totally have slept right there..   I would've if I was allowed to!  

Older me hasn't changed much.... 

I got home after a 400 kms trip, got in the house grabbed my dog, and headed for the Pit.  I got to the pit played fetch and walked around watching as the skyline was changing getting closer to sunset... I knew a beauty was coming.  So I didn't want to go home yet.  Even though my cabin is the most cozy little home, being outside amongst nature can't be beat!  So I left the Pits and headed to our local waterfalls.  I shut off the car and listened to the water rushing.  Though much of it was frozen, the sounds were evident water was still flowing in amongst the ice!  A sound so soothing..  It was time to go home.  So I started driving.  I got to the part where I would normally cross the highway...  But I didn't want to go home yet, and so I headed up the highway to go up the bridge where I spend many summer evenings fishing.  A bridge where I promise you, you will catch something.  Some of my favourite fishing stories have happened under that bridge.  Pike fights, biggest pike, bass, lynx swimming by. I live in a place where from my door to that kind of fishing is about 10 minutes!  And I am surrounded by fishing holes like that, endless fishing holes.  But right now the lake is iced up.  

I headed up to my bridge, and yup, I did the right thing...!  I captured a new moon over the icy waters of Moose Lake and the last of the sunset.  I need a new camera because my pictures don't do it justice.  But it was like witnessing the very best encore for my day!  I could now go home to my cabin to make a cup of tea and put my feet up and watch some paddle shows!  :) 

I am so blessed to live in a peaceful place... where going home though it's so cozy is so hard, because there is so much peace and serenity around me following endless trails.  I see God every day right where I am.  No wonder they call it Sunset Country! 


“May God be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine upon you.”
(Psalm 67:1, NIV)