Memories of 2023!

Here I am at my place that I lovingly call the Princess Cabin. Looking back, what a year 2023 was. I am still in recovery for the tough parts but also feeling renewal.  Spring does that, right?  Renews us...  

I had some great trips last year.  But there is one moment from 2023 that kind of sticks with me - almost a defining moment, you know what I mean?  I was up visiting my friend near Sioux Lookout. They weren’t home yet when I arrived so I was exploring around the area. I stopped in at this boat launch on the shores of the Sturgeon River. I sat there and as I was watching the sunset, I was also watching a train go by in the heart of the boreal along the edge of the river!

My friend showed up. As we stood there watching and catching up I said "if my childhood was a sentence in a picture this moment is it." My dad railroaded when I was young which is how we ended up in remote areas of Northern Ontario. We were always surrounded by tall tall trees, peace by the side of rivers and lakes with barely a soul around. Northern Lights, sunsets, sunrises and fresh air, and access to a natural spring were normal for us. Things I know other people have to pay big dollars to come visit for their vacation were our way of life.   

I am so fortunate to be up here - feeling blessed. And so ready for the adventure that the 2024 paddle season will bring!  I feel like this one is going to be the best one yet....

I have so much to explore. I have been dehydrating food. I picked up some new Keen sandals yesterday in anticipation of the season to come. I have already started the rough outline of trips to come. Though I know most of my plans are last minute. I don’t too often waste a moment to be outside paddling or fishing when the season comes!  I travel with a pack in the car and a canoe on the roof most of the time!  Ready to drop and go on a moment's notice.

So excited to explore this corner that is Sunset Country. This is truly a little piece of heaven that I dare not take for granted..  I have endless room to roam and for most of it I don't need a reservation...   

Psalm 118:23  
“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”

One of my favourite pictures from 2023!  Sturgeon River near Sioux Lookout.