Spring to Nature!

It is nearing Spring!  

This winter has been a lot of change and challenging emotions for me in every way.  Life has brought me challenges, pain but also joy!  Mostly joy.  You see I have an endless love affair with the small things - nature!  As I often say when the going gets tough - just walk it off.  Me and my Presley can walk off anything....

I recently moved to a city called Barrie. I am living on top of a really old house built in 1890s.  It's so cute and offers the feeling of an old farmhouse a bit of simple nostalgia.   Brings me back to a more simple time.  I am also by the water and I am an hour closer to Muskoka.  For those that know they know how beautiful it is up there.  I call it the soft wilderness.  A blend of touristy sophistication tucked in amongst the trees and rocks.   The roads are beautiful curves snaking through the trees, and hills set in the shield and trees alongside the many lakes.   

Just the other day, I got off work and just a little over an hour later I was at this place called Skeleton Lake, the beach where I spent much of my hot summer afternoons swimming and looking for frogs along the shore line.  The lake is spring fed so super clear and very cool and refreshing unlike the lake where out cottage was.  It was full of clams, and the temperature of a warm bath making it somewhat murky and icky for swimming, although it was home to some very satisfactory walleye and bass fishing!  But was so nice to grab my dog and head to the lake with a picnic lunch.  Just some turkey sticks and an apple and a soda water.  But it is places like this by that frozen water playing frisbee with my bestie Presley that I find the crazyness of the world disappears and you live in the moment and have time to process your own thoughts without the noise of others.  

Last Saturday at 930 p.m. I suddenly got this urge to do something I hadn't done in forever - a midnight drive on the backroads of my Muskoka.  So up I went.  I left Barrie, and an hour and a bit later I was cruising those roads, country music on the radio under a perfect night sky.  I drove down to my old lake where I cottaged growing up turned off the radio and the music and just soaked in a 3/4 moon, a very glittery stary night and a very dark sky.  So refreshing to have those solo moments to cherish the simple!  

Sometimes life gets a little nuts and it's nice to have a piece of your childhood to reconnect with your innocence and your true heart's desires.  Nature has always been my medicine!  

I am really looking forward to ice out.  Where I am now, I can get a little more nature in quicker...  so looking forward to all the adventures to come.  For now. I can enjoy sneaking up to Muskoka or Honey Harbour or maybe today somewhere different .  I have been enjoying taking my laundry and heading for a drive somewhere to a small town and use the time while the clothes are in the machine to take a walk along a river/lake somewhere and admire just how happy the ducks are to be back..!

Spring is a time of renewal.  Refreshment.  Take the time to notice all the things that are renewing and being born around you... The world is a crazy place, nature on the other hand - so civilized!

Enjoy it....    

PS...  God is good - and I am blessed!  Thank you Lord for these moments and giving me a heart that knows your Love! 

Young me standing on top of the world!  The hill behind our cottage you had to climb to get this magnificent panoramic view.

Our cottage in the Spring! 
Growing up it was what I considered "Home".  Photo courtesy of my cousin John Nicolson

Photo of our Bay growing up - courtesy of my cousin John Nicolson.

Recent walk I enjoyed in Bracebridge - picture of the falls.

My precious Skeleton Lake ...


Grown up me still happy to find a quiet spot with trees and water!